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What to do Before a Tornado

Preparation for a tornado is the best method for minimizing injury or damage. There will be little time to move to protected areas once a tornado is in the immediate area.

Follow these important steps to prepare yourself and your family for a tornado.

Purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Weather Radio with a battery backup and tone-alert feature. A NOAA (pronounced "Noah") radio will automatically alert you when a Tornado Watch or Warning has been issued. Also purchase a battery-powered commercial radio and extra batteries as well.

When skies are threatening or a tornado watch has been issued for the City of Yuma, listen to NOAA radio or local radio or television newscasts for the latest information. If you see any revolving funnel-shaped clouds, report them immediately. 

Determine places to seek shelter during a tornado such as a basement or storm cellar. If an underground shelter is not available, identify an interior room or hallway on the lowest floor. If you live in a mobile home, determine a safe place outside of the home to take shelter. Mobile homes are very prone to damage during a tornado. Practice going to your predetermined area with your family.

Know the locations of shelters in places where you and your family spend time, such as public buildings, nursing homes, and shopping centers. Ask whether your children's schools have been inspected for shelter space by a registered engineer or architect.

Keep your yard and windowsills free of loose articles, which can become airborne in a tornado.

Gather emergency supplies and have them on hand in case a tornado approaches. Keep tools, flashlights, a portable radio, batteries, a First Aid kit, fresh water, and non-perishable foods handy. Keep your car fueled and in good condition in case evacuation is required. Establish an out-of-state telephone contact for family members to call to let others know that they are safe if they are separated before or during a tornado.

For more information, contact the City of Yuma Fire Department Emergency Management division.

For more information... City of Yuma Fire Department