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Fire Lane Parking Violations

Parking in designated fire lanes or in front of fire hydrants in the City of Yuma is strictly prohibited. Fire lanes and hydrants are considered part of the fire protection system. They are designed to allow unobstructed fire apparatus access at all times in the event of a fire or a medical emergency.

Whenever a fire lane is blocked, the safety of that building and its occupants are in jeopardy. Fire lane curbs are marked red in order to define their limits. If you are found parked in front of a red curb, or a clearly signed fire lane your car may be ticketed, towed, or both. If your car is in a lane required for use by emergency personnel, fines and punishments increase significantly.

For more information regarding fire lane violations, or to report a violation, contact the City of Yuma Fire Department.

For more information... City of Yuma Fire Department